World Book Day! 8 Outfit Ideas from Your Favourite Diverse Book Characters

“Representation is everything; it shows our kids that they matter. You believe what you see, and you become what you believe”

- Vese Aghoghovbia

Yay! Another World Book Day is upon us, it’s time to dress up. Thursday 2nd March is going to be epic, and we are so excited. It’s such a lovely day for parents and carers to see their little ones dressed up and excited. However, it can get very overwhelming. The process of looking for both lovely and appropriate outfits to dress up the little ones as their favourite characters can be cumbersome. To make it easier for you, we have researched, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is read this post, pick what character you want to be, shop the outfit and get your little ones dressed up. Be sure to share your photos with us on Thursday. So who is it going to be?



1. Philly from Who Do I See in the Mirror?

Philly rocks the cutest white-collared red tartan dress, finished up with a pretty red bow. Complete the look with a little teddy bear. We found a few red tartan dresses that would be perfect for the Philly look, pair up with a red bow and you are good to go. This outfit is uber gorgeous, and you are bound to get a few ‘awws’ for your family and friends.

2. Sulwe from Sulwe

Sulwe wears a beautiful sleeveless mint green dress and finishes off the look with a green Alice band. Mint green is such a beautiful and attractive colour, and it goes with almost everything!

3. Kechi from Kechi’s Hair Goes Every Which Way

Kechi’s rocks a beautiful sparkly white collared pink dress with puff sleeves. And just like Kechi, you can wear her hair every which way :)

4. Rocket from Look Up

Rocket has the cutest space outfit a girl could ever dream. Do you have a space-loving little girl? Rocket’s costume will get your little one super excited for World Book Day.

5. Handa from Handa’s Surprise

Get creative and dress your little ones as Handa from Handa’s surprise. A cute little Ankara dress will do the trick, top it up with a fruit basket to finish the look.

6. Ada from Ada Twist

A lovely red and white polka dot dress, finish the look with yellow gloves, science goggles and hair packed in 2 puffs.

7. Ruby from Ruby’s Worry

Ruby’s simple but cute blue and white dress will make a lovely world book day outfit. Complete the look by styling your little ones hair into two puffs. So adorable.

8. What about Adjoa?

How about this cute little teal dress just like Adjoa? Be sure to pair it with teal hair bows.

We hope we have inspired you to think creatively this World Book Day. Representation is so powerful and being about to dress your little ones in book characters that look like them sends them a strong positive message. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us, tag us on social media @phillynfriends.


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