Philly & Friends Shine Bright on Storytime with Fergie!

Philly & Friends, a children's brand dedicated to empowering children, received a royal nod of approval! Our beautiful picture book, "Who Do I See in the Mirror?", was chosen by none other than the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, for her popular YouTube channel, Storytime with Fergie.

This heartwarming selection highlights the book's message of self-love and acceptance, perfectly aligned with the Duchess's passion for children's well-being. As Philly, the book's protagonist, embarks on a journey of self-discovery, readers young and old are reminded that true beauty lies within, and their unique qualities are what make them truly special. 

Watch the book reading via the YouTube link below.

What makes "Who Do I See in the Mirror?" stand out?

    • Celebration of Identity and Diversity: With vibrant illustrations featuring diverse characters, the book invites children to see themselves reflected and embrace the beauty of being different.
    • Empowering Self-Love and Confidence: Philly's journey inspires young readers to recognise their inherent value and build their self-esteem.
    • Simple Yet Powerful Message: The book's core message, that you are more than your physical appearance, resonates deeply with children and adults alike.

The Duchess's Selection: A Spotlight on Social Impact

Storytime with Fergie provides a platform for promoting literacy and positive messages for children. By choosing "Who Do I See in the Mirror?", the Duchess amplifies the book's impact, reaching a wider audience and sparking conversations about self-acceptance and celebrating differences.

More Than Just a Story:

Philly & Friends, as a brand, goes beyond storytelling. We champion literacy by donating a book to an underprivileged child for every book purchased. This social impact initiative aligns perfectly with the Duchess's philanthropic endeavours, making the selection even more meaningful.

The Power of Shared Stories:

Through this, we hope that, "Who Do I See in the Mirror?" will reach even more hearts and minds. This selection highlights the power of shared stories to spread important messages, nurture young minds, and empower children to celebrate their unique selves.

Have you read "Who Do I See in the Mirror?" Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Who Do I See in the Mirror? is available to buy from Philly & Friends here.