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Welcome to my world

Hi, I'm Philly, and I am strong, confident and happy. I love to go on adventures exploring the world around me. I'm inquisitive, and I ask lots of questions.

I laugh from within and love wholeheartedly with tight hugs and kisses. I love to make new friends, and I hope you become one of them.

It all started from a book, Who Do I See in the Mirror?


Social Impact is our heartbeat

1 FOR 1 Initiative

For every Philly & Friends product sold, we empower an underprivileged child and sponsor a book into their hands through our partners Books2Africa.

One product sold = One book shipped to an underprivileged child.


Our Story

Why we Started

Becoming a parent in 2017 opened my eyes to the inequality in play. Seeing the hard stats ignited my fire to seek a different life for my little girl. I believe you have to be the change you want to see, so I launched out to create the much-needed change.

What started as an idea for a simple children's book based on Philly, my daughter's nickname has grown into a much-loved children's brand with giving-back embedded in our DNA and multiple awards under our belt. 

I only wanted to write a 'love letter' to my little girl to tell her how precious she is and give her the gift of representation. So, I wrote Who Do I See in the Mirror? But I didn't realise then that I was writing a love letter to many children worldwide and creating a brand they would eventually fall in love with.

In 2019, I had my little boy and with him came the introduction of Arie, Philly's Bro. I can't wait to watch this brand unfold, and I hope you stick around and become a big part of our story. <3


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