Absolutely Mama Magazine

Spotlights an article written by our founder, Vese, about Diversity in the Playroom. The article outlines how to start, take stock and ensure your...

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Mother Mag

Our founder, Vese, shares her motherhood journey with us. She speaks about her introduction to motherhood and transition from one to two kids … Re...

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Tatá Storytime

Our book, Who Do I See in the Mirror?, was featured in the first season of Tatá Storytime founded by Okezie Morro and read by the renowned British...

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STIB. Meets

“You don’t become one thing when you grow up, you find yourself through multiple experiences and expressions …” Stib meets Vese taking them down m...

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Stacie Swift

Hosts our founder, Vese, on their self-care Sunday special. Vese explains her personal self-care routine and names her favourite resources … Read ...

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The Stitch Writer

Vese takes us on her journey to becoming an author. She gives exclusive insight to the founding principles of her brand, her ethos, and her drive ...

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